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Bespoke luxury outdoor furniture: DFN accompanies you from the conception to installation of your custom project

February 25, 2022
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Feb 25, 2022 9:30:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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DFN is not only the leading company in the production and sale of luxury outdoor furniture. 

The Italian company also specializes in the creation of bespoke luxury outdoor furniture and the design of entire outdoor spaces from the conception to installation of your custom project. 

Thanks to the possibility of creating bespoke furnishing elements, DFN can take care of all the décor for your new outdoor space, from furniture to decorative furnishings and textiles such as curtains, rugs, and cushions.

But how does the process of creating luxury bespoke outdoor environments with DFN work?

Read on to find out. 




DFN means the finest quality luxury outdoor projects

As a general contractor specialized in the creation of luxury outdoor projects, DFN works closely with the end consumer, the client who commissions the project, and provides the best teams of professionals to guarantee the creation of an outdoor space that meets and exceeds all requests and expectations. 

Designing a luxury outdoor space with DFN is a guarantee of quality. 

The company collaborates with the best artists and designers, and the entire DFN production chain is subject to continuous tests, to verify that each step of the creation of a new outdoor space reaches their high-quality standards.

With a reputation for excellence all over the world, DFN offers exclusive and unique bespoke solutions that are full of character. Their studied aesthetic is always refined, balanced, trendy, and flawless from a technical and technological point of view. 




Bespoke luxury outdoor projects worldwide: Choose DFN 

DFN's teams are specialized in the creation of environments anywhere in the world, even in uncomfortable locations in terms of climatic conditions, for example, and personally take care of all the processing, up to their final installation.

If it is a complex project that includes the construction of a conservatory or a bioclimatic pergola, the company analyzes the project and the construction site. 

In this way, complete compliance of the project with the regulations and laws in force in the luxury outdoor space’s location will be guaranteed. 


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Bespoke luxury outdoor furniture: personalize your outdoors

DFN realizes bespoke modern luxury outdoor furniture based on each customer’s specific requests.

The design, shapes, volumes, color palettes and finishes, and above all the dimensions and shapes can be made suitable for pre-existing outdoor contexts or existing furnishing elements.

DFN is committed to meeting their customer’s needs. And they do this by providing the best designers and architects, and working in close collaboration with the client every step of the way from the design to creation, up to the installation of each piece of furniture in the dedicated environment. 

The result? Unique and captivating furnishings that reflect the customer's style and the quality that makes DFN a one-of-a-kind leader on the market. 




DFN’s materials

The choice of materials for each project depends on the analysis of the desired aesthetics, the function of the product, and the performance it must achieve in terms of resistance to atmospheric agents. 

A piece of furniture in an environment sheltered from the rain may have different characteristics than a piece of furniture that is placed on the deck of a boat.

DFN sets no limits when it comes to choosing the most suitable materials for a project; from natural to artificial, the materials used are always of the highest quality and workmanship.

To name a few: 

  • Natural or synthetic rattan
  • Teak
  • Steel
  • Marble 
  • Ceramic marble
  • Glass
  • Marine eco-leather

We can’t forget about the wide range of specific outdoor fabrics that are repellent, anti-mold and anti-fading and the precious textile products made exclusively by important suppliers with whom DFN continuously collaborates to find the most sought-after solutions. We must also include the satin and copper wire outdoor fabric, which was conceived, designed, and manufactured by DFN to inject luxury and delicacy into even the most technical material. 

DFN selects only the most precious materials, processes them with the most advanced technologies, and uses them with the utmost respect to obtain furnishings of the highest level, designed in detail precisely for their intended use. 




DFN's design process

How does a consultation with DFN take place?

When DFN is commissioned to carry out a complete project, which can concern both the furnishings and also fixed parts such as a pergole or conservatory, the team can then express itself at its best and give way to all the skills that make it a reference partner for bespoke outdoor projects.

  1. Consultation with the client: what kind of outdoor space do you want to create? Where is it? In what style? What are the customer's preferences and needs? 
  2. Inspection in the area of interest and measurements if necessary
  3. Preliminary design and graphic representation of the project: an initial technical draft of the project is made, sketches and renderings are then submitted to the customer to confirm their requests
  4. Selection of the best materials to use 
  5. Discussion about the budget
  6. Drafting the contract
  7. Executive design phase, design and development of the project to reach the final design
  8. Production of the furniture and/or structural elements
  9. Pre-assembly at the DFN factories
  10. Installation at the destination site
  11. Operational and documentary management of the project
  12. Reporting
  13. Post-sale support

DFN, the professionals involved in the project, and the client will be in constant contact throughout each step to ensure at all times that the work being carried out is in line with the client's requests.

This process is valid for both the creation of bespoke luxury outdoor furniture and the creation of entire outdoor projects. 




Bespoke luxury outdoor projects by DFN

DFN provides the best luxury outdoor solutions for the most diverse outdoor projects. 

In fact, the company creates various bespoke spaces:

In addition to the production and construction of the highest quality Italian luxury outdoor furniture and spaces, DFN also deals with the study of the landscape, the installation of shading systems and heating and cooling, flooring and walls, and the décor of the environment in general. 

DFN works for private clients and, with its luxury contract division, also

for companies and hospitality and tourism facilities such as resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Among the latest prominent examples of DFN's contract division work we find:

The project was created using the luxury outdoor collection by Samuele Mazza for DFN, an exclusive collection from the internationally renowned designer who founded the Visionnaire brand.

The building houses a prestigious café frequented by hundreds of guests every day and is a small architectural jewel in terms of technology. 

The reason?
The mechanical air conditioning solutions installed inside it guarantee an optimal livability of the space despite the unfavorable climatic conditions for a structure made entirely of iron and glass. 




Bring your luxury outdoor project to life with DFN

Trained and competent professionals, with experience and unparalleled customer assistance, pre and post sales.

DFN offers high-value services and bespoke luxury outdoor furniture of the best quality in aesthetic, technical, and technological terms, from materials to construction, up to the usability of each product. 

Attention to detail and a love for Italian craftsmanship distinguish DFN’s furnishing elements, made with full respect for tradition, but with the most advanced technologies. 

DFN’s furnishings are guaranteed to be durable, comfortable, modern, and glamorous, and are designed to be combined with each other and to create evocative and refined environments.

Ask for a consultation and meet DFN’s professionals to start planning your new luxury outdoor space today, unique from the structure down to the smallest detail. 


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Chiara Bastianelli

Written by Chiara Bastianelli

CEO and and Marketing Manager at DFN - Italian outdoor design company providing you with first-class, customized outdoor furniture and services.

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