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Improve an outdoor space with a kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection

June 19, 2020
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Jun 19, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Improve an outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection 1

If there is a trend that imposes itself more than others on the high-end outdoor furniture market, it is certainly the functionality, attention to detail, and commitment to design and style that are translated from the indoors to the outdoors.

Today it is very in vogue to equip the terraces or gardens with the same attention that is given to the indoors, a phenomenon that stands out above all when it comes to kitchens. The old-fashioned barbecue has evolved into a real outdoor kitchen, elegant and fully equipped, with ample space to prepare food, sophisticated appliances, and a vast range of models and finishes to satisfy more refined aesthetic tastes.

It is not just an area dedicated to the preparation of dishes; it is rather the new fulcrum of outdoor conviviality, where people meet to dine together, for parties, aperitifs, and shared moments.

The design of the environment can greatly influence the ability or otherwise of these kitchens to encourage socialization. In particular, the shape of the kitchen and its position have primary importance from this point of view. The outdoor kitchen island lends itself more to becoming a real hub of fun and merriment.

In this post, we will explain all the advantages of this typology, then take a deeper look at the excellent qualities of the solution proposed by Samuele Mazza.


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Why you should choose an outdoor kitchen island

In the classic case of indoor kitchens, usually, the reason that leads to the preference of a central kitchen island is the desire to create a very large and pleasant open environment, in which the area dedicated to cooking is somehow connected or, in any case, has a strong relationship with the living area.

This desire to communicate an operational space, such as that of the kitchen, with one more traditionally linked to entertainment and leisure, can also be found in the choice of an external kitchen island in your garden or on your terrace.

In fact, the island fits very naturally into most contexts, easily creating a hybrid space between functionality and conviviality. It allows those who are cooking the food to communicate freely with the guests or diners.

While the indoor island requires a very large area to enhance its characteristics better, an external kitchen island is so practical and versatile that it easily adapts to most scenarios, even those of small dimensions. In addition, we must take into account the fact that there is usually more space available outside.

If the kitchen is free-standing, like the ones proposed by Samuele Mazza, the chef can position it in the way they prefer and then place themselves right in front of the guests, so they never have to turn their back on anyone.

The layout requires that all the tools, the grid, and the worktop are grouped in a single central block. This configuration helps to encourage the concentration of people around the cooking area. Just add a counter with some stools, and the island becomes a real divide between the operational and recreational space.

Although these kitchens are usually smaller than L , U, or long linear kitchens, they can still be equipped with appliances and accessories, such as additional cooking tools or refrigeration devices.

The situation changes a lot if the island is part of a larger layout. In addition to being used as small autonomous kitchens, external kitchen islands can act as an addition to other already furnished outdoor environments. In these cases, the designer's creativity can be expressed to the fullest.

Think, for example, of a space used for the preparation of food with storage elements, outdoor appliances, sinks, and maybe a large bbq. Everything around tables, chairs and other elements for guests' comfort, while in the center stands a kitchen island, as the fulcrum of all the chef's activities.


Improve an outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection 2


The outdoor kitchen island by Samuele Mazza

The entire Samuele Mazza collection is characterized by the innovative value of the solutions offered. It is not only about cutting-edge technology inserted in the form of appliances in every kitchen but also about bold and trendy design choices.

Among the most interesting proposals, an outdoor kitchen island model cannot be missing. For this type of product, Samuele Mazza offers a very compact free-standing model.

Every self-respecting kitchen island has its own surface used for breakfast or quick meals, and Samuele Mazza's kitchen is no exception. Just slide the cover to the side, to obtain a practical and elegant linear table, which can act as a snack corner, bar counter, or a surface for eating or serving dishes.

When closed, the sliding table protects the top equipped with the kitchen appliances, restoring the typical single block shape.


Improve an outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection 3


The materials

The materials of the island kitchen with a sliding table by Samuele Mazza are all of the highest quality and excellent stylistic performance.

The modules of the structure are in treated iron for outdoor use and painted with a special ultra-resistant powder. This finish complies with rigorous requirements and sector specifications: Qualicoat Class 2, GSB Master, and AAMA 26045, as well as BS EN 12206. The range of finishes and colors to choose from is very wide, allowing the client to customize the style.

The worktop, as well as the sliding kitchen table, are covered in porcelain stoneware. This material is suitable for contact with food, resists heat and frost, does not fear ultraviolet rays and resists stains. In addition, over the years, there are no color changes.

The kitchen island can be equipped with two different bases, depending on the client’s preferences. The first type of base is made of aluminum covered with hand-woven synthetic rattan, very elegant, and similar to wicker. The other type instead provides a plinth made with a steel band with a modern look.


Improve an outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection 4


The accessories

Despite its small size, this model boasts equipment comparable to that of a complete outdoor kitchen . Once the sliding table is opened, the kitchen reveals an induction hob and a grill. In addition, the kitchen is equipped with a sink with a concealed mixer tap.

If the client deems it appropriate, other accessories can be added, or existing ones can be replaced: as always, DFN pays particular attention to the possibility of personalizing the product as much as possible.


Improve an outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection 5


The dimensions

The outdoor kitchen island by Samuele Mazza measures only 142 cm in width when closed, but once opened, it exceeds two and a half meters, ensuring ample space to work. The depth is 138 cm, while the height is 102 cm.

Also, from the point of view of size, the kitchen can be adapted to the client’s needs by adding modules, appliances, or accessories, in line with the Samuele Mazza furniture collection.

Beyond the Samuele Mazza model

DFN is specialized in making fully customized kitchens without limits of materials, finishes, modules, or shapes. For this, the client is free to request any type of modification or made-to-measure realization , both as regards the style and the dimensions or other specifications. Therefore, the most expert and attentive client can design their own outdoor kitchen island as they prefer, with the certainty that DFN will, in any case, be able to satisfy their requests.


Improve an outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen island: Samuele Mazza outdoor collection 6


Samuele Mazza, the best outdoor kitchen island

In conclusion, the outdoor kitchen island by Samuele Mazza is a representative example of excellence in free-standing production. Suitable for any context, be it an urban space, a garden, a terrace or by the pool, the style and functionality that characterize it make it a perfect center around which to gather with friends and family.

At the same time, its refined appearance makes it an element of absolute glamor, which grabs the attention of each guest.

Being able to cook outside is always magnificent, but cooking in a special kitchen like this really opens up new possibilities for entertainment and merriment.


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