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From sketches to reality: how we help you to realize the perfect outdoor space

March 5, 2021
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Mar 5, 2021 8:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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DFN has always been completely involved in the development and care of furnishing and architectural projects for indoor and outdoor settings and the installation of aesthetically pleasing structures. Everything is customized. We aim to satisfy the each client’s requests starting from the early stages of the design to installation.

In this article, we will illustrate DFN's complete customization service, and the modus operandi of its team, divided into the main design steps.


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Creating the perfect outdoor scenario: how DFN can realize your project combining style and performance

DFN's customized designs are the result of design phasesinherent in the installation of bioclimatic pergolas and conservatories—designed ad hoc for the designated location, the functionality required, and to meet the client’s needs and their aesthetic preferences.

DFN's team of experts accompanies you through every phase of the project, aiming for an impeccable and personalized final result that guarantees maximum technical and aesthetic performance.

Below, we will illustrate the main design steps that DFN can take care of, ensuring maximum support and professionalism, thus guaranteeing a comprehensive service:

  1. Meeting with the client and preliminary analysis of the type of project;
  2. Inspection and measurement survey;
  3. Preliminary design;
  4. Technical design and rendering of the structure;
  5. Executive design phase;
  6. Production phase;
  7. Structure installation phase;
  8. After-sales phase.

Let's continue by quickly analyzing each point.

1. Meeting with the client and preliminary analysis of the type of project

The meeting with the client is the first step of the design process and is designed to collect information from them about the furniture/architectural project and the structure (orangery, luxury gazebo, conservatory or winter garden, orangery, bioclimatic pergola, etc.) that will be built.

This phase also helps us understand the client's principal functional and aesthetic needs. Since it is the first design step, the goal is to thoroughly analyze the area that will be furnished or the structure that will be designed, including its characteristics and style. In short, we want to fully satisfy the customer's needs.

DFN creates bespoke projects by combining and coordinating shapes, fabrics, materials, styles, and processes that enhance each other, becoming a fundamental tool for expressing each client's unique style. Our customization service includes:

  • Personal Consulting;
  • Space Planning;
  • Bespoke Projects;
  • Style Advice.

Customization is DFN's strong point, a valuable service that confirms the company's high competence in following and taking care of projects of different entities in their entirety, both in terms of size and type.


Outdoor space with fireplace


2. Inspection and measurement survey

The inspection is mainly aimed at verifying the location's conditions, and any critical issues, including logistical ones, and issues regarding making the client's desires a reality.

With suitable measuring systems, all relevant and necessary measurements are taken for the preliminary design. Each step aims to offer a customized project in line with the client's requests.

In this sense, the DFN team offers a bespoke service dedicated to:

  • Furnishings

The company offers its clients original and unique designs and models and customized furnishings created specifically to meet a specific project’s style or space requirements.

DFN adapts its style to the client’s taste, tailoring its models according to the client's spaces and preferences to give each room a highly personalized look.

  • Kitchens

DFN creates customized outdoor cooking spaces that are perfect for each client. We combine style and performance in luxury outdoor kitchen models to satisfy the most demanding requests in terms of style, space, distribution of appliances, and accessories.

The company guarantees that the client will receive a 360-degree service throughout the entire design process with the support of a dedicated team. This service includes:

– Selection of the best appliances to offer the client their desired kitchen;

– Organization of equipment and preparation areas that permit the most agile and comfortable workflows;

– Answering questions about the preparation of the area that will host the kitchen;

– Work within limits of space or budget;

– Provide CAD drawings and renderings to help visualize the project and facilitate installation.

  • Winter gardens

With DFN, it is also possible to design luxurious and refined winter gardens, that is, authentic oases of peace that act as an extension of the living space that merges and interacts with the surrounding space.


Outdoor furniture chair


3. Preliminary design 

The preliminary design involves identifying the structure’s optimal position rather than the kitchen or furnishings, combined with the study of the layout or general dimensions.

4. Technical design and rendering of the structure

In this phase, we identify what style the client wants and all the aesthetic elements that affect the final result. In parallel, the development of plans, perspective drawings, and sections takes place up to the work’s rendering.

Everything is submitted to the client to collect their observations, and any changes and additions are accepted until a shared project is reached.

DFN's goal is to create ad hoc projects with the client, focusing on their needs and preferences. The design process is divided into four fundamental phases:

  • Concept

The DFN team will define the design direction following the client’s inspirations, identifying the fundamental elements for the project’s realization, such as the style of furniture and the required functions of use.

  • Materials

DFN selects the most suitable materials for the structure's realization based on the client's needs.

With this choice, we aim to create a personalized and total look with attention to the smallest details, where the materials coordinate perfectly with the mood, style, and their function.

The company also offers a consulting service for those who require the use of particular materials in specific environments, providing a product that is in line with their needs.

  • Sketches

With the creation of sketches, the project begins to take shape, creating a visual perception of what the final result will be. The proposal of colors combined with the first drawings is a fundamental moment to collect feedback from the client and continue defining a project that ensures satisfaction.

  • Rendering

In the most advanced phase of the design, we create renderings in which the environment, materials, details, and shapes converge to offer a clear view of what the final result will be.

Once we receive the customer's approval, we proceed with the agreed-upon prototyping and implementation.


Dolcefarniente sublime collection


5. Executive design phase

Regarding exclusively the structures' construction, the executive design phase develops into further steps that are fundamental for the project's success, namely:

  • Check local laws;
  • Verify climatic elements that influence the project;
  • Structural calculations;
  • Static loads;
  • Energy demands.

Each of these points must be acknowledged and taken into due consideration in the realization of all the floor plans and the choice of materials.

Following the structural, architectural, systems, and material specifications, the production phase has been reached.


sunlight pergola


6. Production phase

The production phase takes place in Italy, where all the elements that contribute to the final realization of the job are produced and assembled, taking care of every detail, as requested by the client.

7. Structure installation phase

Following the production phase, the materials are transported to the destination.

8. After-sales phase

Once the installation has been completed, the structure is tested and delivered to the client.

If requested by the client, DFN's specialized team also takes care of the structure's installation, providing the client with all the maintenance instructions.

DFN items have a two-year warranty under normal use but offer even greater strength and durability.


canopo lounge design


Personalization is our motto: the reason why you should choose DFN for your outdoor project

DFN is a guarantee in terms of professionalism, design support, and customer care. Together these aspects translate into a complete and impeccable service, crucial for the success of your project.

By relying on the DFN team, you will be able to create a bespoke project for your client since every detail will be specifically designed to satisfy their functional and aesthetic needs fully.


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Chiara Bastianelli

Written by Chiara Bastianelli

CEO and and Marketing Manager at DFN - Italian outdoor design company providing you with first-class, customized outdoor furniture and services.

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