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Iron patio furniture: 4 tips to keep it impeccable over time

September 24, 2021
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Sep 24, 2021 5:14:29 PM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Solid, compact, and super durable, a timeless material: iron is one of the most used quality materials in the construction of luxury outdoor structures and the design of outdoor furniture elements. Thanks to its surprising technical and aesthetic properties, iron offers functionality and style in unique furnishing proposals, ideal for setting up refined outdoor spaces.

Undoubtedly, the elegance and versatility of this material find full expression in conservatories: winter gardens of great class and refined taste.

The fusion of glass and iron creates a sophisticated composition that combines strength and lightness and offers an amazing visual impact.

But that's not all: iron is subjected to specific treatments and used in precious processes. Let's find out which ones.




Iron patio furniture made in DFN: aesthetic and performance

In DFN’s proposals, we can find iron in the structure of some furniture families.

In particular, the furnishings of the iconic elements of the Sole and Sirio family are made of hand-forged iron subjected to cataphoresis treatment and then powder-coated.

The paints used are in line with the implicit needs of outdoor use, according to the international standards of the sector Qualicoat Class 2, GSB master, AAMA 26045, and BS EN 12206.

Since these are accessories intended for external use, periodic ad hoc hygiene and cleaning are essential.

In this article, we will show you how iron is used in the creation of DFN collections, and, later, we will give you some useful tips for taking care of the furnishings and cleaning them meticulously.




Care & maintenance guide for your iron patio furniture

The specific treatments and refined finishes listed above are used specifically to make the various elements durable and resistant.

To ensure that the furniture and kitchens remain impeccable over time, it is necessary to follow specific procedures.

Here are 4 care and cleaning tips to follow for the iron and its processing:

  1. Consider the weather conditions of the designated location
  2. Use specific cleaners for iron
  3. Contact competent restorers in case of damage
  4. Shield the furnishings with special protective covers

Let's proceed step by step.




1. Consider the weather conditions of the designated location

The iron furniture produced by DFN undergoes special processing and painting cycles to make them suitable for use in outdoor environments and counteract the natural corrosion process.

The phenomenon of corrosion is the deterioration of a material caused by exposure to atmospheric and chemical agents.

Furthermore, the corrosion rate depends on:

  • the atmospheric conditions of the environment
  • product maintenance

The classification of the environment’s atmospheric conditions in Italy is regulated by the UNI EN ISO 12944-2 standard, which correlates the type of external environment to a corrosion class:

  • C2 - Low: Low-pollution areas, mainly rural areas
  • C3 - Medium: Urban and industrial areas, moderate pollution from sulfur dioxide. Coastal areas with low salinity
  • C4 - High: Industrial and coastal areas with moderate salinity
  • C5M - Very high (marine): High salinity coastal and offshore areas
  • C5I - Very high (industrial): Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere

Considering the corrosion class, below we have indicated how often the composition of iron patio furniture should be cleaned:

  • C2 - Low: every 12 months
  • C3 - Medium: every 6 months
  • C4 - High: every 3 months
  • C5M - Very high (marine): every 2 months
  • C5I - Very high (industrial): every 2 months




2. Use specific cleaners for iron

Before using a cleaner, make sure it is suitable for cleaning painted surfaces.

If a strong cleaner is used to remove heavy dirt, it should always be diluted and tested on small areas that are not visible to check its suitability.

It is strongly recommended to avoid the use of:

  • Abrasive or polishing cleaners
  • Cleaners containing solvents
  • Solutions containing chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, or ketones

The frequency of cleaning iron furniture depends on:

  • The environment, i.e. rural, marine, industrial, or a combination of these
  • The levels of air pollution
  • If the surface is subject to an erosive action of the coating, due to sand, dust, etc.


3. Contact competent restorers in case of damage

Contact a competent restorer if the painted surface needs to be restored due to:

  • Heavy dirt caused by improper cleaning
  • Normal degradation over time
  • Coating accidentally damaged

It is recommended to repair the damaged area as soon as possible to avoid oxidation or rust triggers. In case of serious damage, we recommend contacting companies/operators with adequate skills.


4. Shield the furnishings with special protective covers

To keep the furnishings at their best, it is necessary to shield them by using special protective covers when they are not in use for a long period of time.

Each piece of DFN furniture has its own protective cover, made with an innovative certified technical material that is waterproof and breathable.


Effectively shade an outdoor patio -  Botanic elements


What you need to know to keep your iron patio furniture impeccable

Quality materials and refined finishes deserve special attention and periodic maintenance.

Here we have provided you with guidelines to keep your furniture beautiful over time. Choosing furnishings made with high-quality materials is fundamental if you want them to maintain their beauty with normal maintenance aimed at preserving them.

Follow each suggestion carefully to keep each element beautiful and resistant over time. Only in this way will the elegance and beauty of your outdoor space remain intact.



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Written by Chiara Bastianelli

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