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5 tips for customising a luxury outdoor kitchen

August 5, 2019
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Aug 5, 2019 1:20:07 PM
Chiara Bastianelli
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 customising a luxury outdoor kitchen

Experiencing the outdoors is a unique pleasure when in the presence of a customised luxury outdoor kitchen, a space created based on your needs for an exclusive experience. Guaranteeing your customers the ability to customise their outdoor kitchen means ensuring the unparalleled luxury of having a high-performance area that is equipped with the most modern technologies and has a refined, elegant and timeless style.

To customise a luxury outdoor kitchen, attention must be paid to the customer's functional and stylistic needs.

Let's find out which factors you should consider when designing an exclusive outdoor kitchen area that can satisfy the most demanding requests.

Two aspects you should consider to customise a luxury outdoor kitchen properly

Before dedicating yourself to the creation of a commissioned luxury outdoor kitchen, it is crucial to place the customer's needs at the centre of the entire project. For this reason, you should ask yourself 2 fundamental questions:

With these questions, you will be able to understand how your client wants to experience and use their outdoor kitchen environment.

How and how often will the outdoor kitchen be used?

How many people will use the kitchen? And above all, will it be used every day or only for special occasions?

These questions will also help you with subsequent technical-structural choices (inherent in equipment and appliances) and the general configuration of the outdoor cooking area.

Determining how often and for what occasions the kitchen will be used will help you find the size, layout and placement most suited to your customer's requests.

What are the risks of wear and tear?

Garden, patio, veranda, terrace: these are the locations that are most suited to the installation of outdoor kitchens. These environments imply direct exposure to atmospheric agents and therefore to a greater risk of wear.

To provide further resistance to the kitchen's structure, you should immediately consider which materials have excellent durability and resistance (regarding the effects of rain, sun, snow, heat and cold temperatures).


Basic features for an outdoor kitchen

How to customise a luxury outdoor kitchen: 5 useful tips

Once the client's objectives have been set, taking into account their functional and aesthetic needs, you can proceed by implementing customisation and equipment projects.

Customising a luxury outdoor kitchen means creating a "tailor-made" outdoor space for the customer, doing your best to accommodate functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

To do this correctly and achieve a final composition with a glamorous, refined and above all resistant and durable design, of high technical value, here are 5 useful tips to follow during the design phase:


  1. Select durable materials for the realisation of the kitchen
  2. Design the layout and dimensions
  3. Choose the base of the kitchen
  4. Select finishes of elegant visual appeal
  5. Choose the appliances that meet the customer's needs

1. Select durable materials for the realisation of the kitchen

Outdoor kitchens need a strong, highly weather-resistant core because they are continuously exposed to atmospheric agents.

This is why it is necessary to select high-quality materials that make the entire structure durable.

The most suitable materials for the realisation of outdoor kitchens are:

  • Porcelain stoneware: a material of high aesthetic and technical value, used to cover doors and surfaces. It has endless textural options that can faithfully reproduce the finest marble. It is also characterised by excellent hygienic properties and high resistance to UV rays, frost, abrasion and oxidation;
  • Stainless steel: used to make top covers and domestic appliances. It is highly hygienic, resistant, durable and easy to clean and also has a remarkable aesthetic character of a sober and modern nature;

  • Powder-coated steel: the structures made of powder-coated steel for the outdoors, in addition to ensuring high strength and solidity, allow a wide possibility of customisation with refined finishes, ideal for emphasising the visual impact of the kitchen. 

customising luxury outdoor kitchen 1

2. Design the layout and dimensions

It is important to configure the size of the kitchen according to the customer's requirements, carefully planning the layout to adequately accommodate the workflow and guarantee efficiency and freedom of movement.

The most suitable layouts for outdoor spaces are:

  • L-shaped kitchen: ideal for corner spaces. The so-called corner kitchen ensures a practical and well-designed workspace, configured according to the work triangle, a highly functional arrangement of the hob, fridge and sink;
  • U-shaped kitchen: a highly diffused layout, which provides a free central area, with a table and countertops. The U-shaped kitchen, with larger dimensions, allows more space for movement and a wider range of equipment;
  • Island kitchen: a modern layout, perfect even for making an outdoor space welcoming and intimate. In the island kitchen, the central islet is ideal both as a countertop and to accommodate the different stages of preparation. 

customising luxury outdoor kitchen 2

3. Choose the base of the kitchen

The entire structure of a kitchen on a raised deck rests on feet; therefore, it is raised off the ground. Naturally, the choice between the different bases for outdoor kitchens depends exclusively on the customer's aesthetic preferences.

To make your customer's kitchen a bit more modern, you could choose a metal base for a more daring and contemporary look or a hand-woven synthetic rattan base for a more classic style.

Both rattan and metal guarantee excellent performance in outdoor environments, as well as excellent durability and resistance to temperature changes, and allow for the creation of aesthetic compositions with great decorative potential. 

customising luxury outdoor kitchen 3

4. Select finishes of elegant visual appeal

Let your customer add a touch of personal style to the kitchen, selecting finishes of elegant visual appeal.

The best luxury outdoor kitchens have a solid and robust soul, given by the high-performance materials that make up the structure, without sacrificing the visual appeal of fine finishes.

Pearlescent and metallescent effects, gold, bronze and platinum finishes give a sophisticated image to the outdoor kitchen and, overall, constitute its distinctive aesthetic character. 

customising luxury outdoor kitchen 4

5. Choose the appliances that meet the customer's needs

The performance of an outdoor kitchen also depends on the instruments selected to equip it.

Make sure you select hi-tech and high-performance appliances, necessary to carry out each phase of food preparation in total comfort and convenience. In particular:

  • Induction or gas hob
  • Barbecue
  • Bar and wine cellar for wine
  • Fridge
  • Grill or fryer
  • Oven

Customise a luxury outdoor kitchen: create your space with style and functionality.

Customising an outdoor kitchen means completing the technical and stylistic layout.

Follow our useful suggestions, from the selection of materials to the choice of the best appliances, to carry out step by step a complete customisation project in a structural and aesthetic sense.

Basic features for an outdoor kitchen

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