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Rediscover the beauty of winter with modern conservatories designed by DFN

March 4, 2022
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Mar 4, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Luxurious, ethereal, dream spaces: conservatories are real rooms built in nature as an integral part of the surrounding landscape

Modern conservatories are precious places that refer to certain Renaissance inspirations, with the utmost respect for modernity thanks to their thin lines and thin profiles. 

Their essential and elegant shape has not changed, but the materials have become more and more valuable, high-performance, and refined. Furthermore, the technologies these buildings are equipped with are increasingly sophisticated. 

The technical and mechanical properties of the new generation materials and technologies allow modern conservatories to be used all over the world in maximum comfort, even during the cold seasons.

This is excellent news for those who want to enjoy an exclusive and special space all year round. 

The charming, moody colors and nature of the winter months are a pleasure to observe, especially if from a splendid and heated outdoor room, protected from the cold and bad weather. 

With DFN, a leading company in the creation of luxury outdoor spaces, you can experience this magic. 

DFN manufactures sophisticated and unique luxury conservatories with the highest quality standards–even in locations characterized by extremely harsh climates and unfavorable climatic conditions. 

Rediscover the beauty of winter from a privileged position in a DFN conservatory surrounded by nature.

But what are the strategies used to create modern conservatories suitable for installation and use regardless of the climatic situation in the coldest periods and places? 

Read on to find out. 




DFN Designs: bespoke modern conservatories

Each project is unique to DFN and is designed in close collaboration with the client. 

From the layout of the space to the most suitable materials to combine the wishes of the client with the needs dictated by the structure’s location, up to the finishes and the furnishings. 

DFN realizes completely bespoke modern luxury conservatories able to harmonize with the surrounding environments, embellish them and at the same time make them highly functional and pleasant. 

DFN's covered outdoor structures aim to completely satisfy the client with high-end, unique, and high-quality projects that will increase the value, in addition to the aesthetic, of the housing structures to which the conservatories belong. 

In fact, fully bespoke modern conservatories mean custom-made outdoor spaces designed not only to adapt to the style of those who will live there but also to the climatic conditions of the area in which they will be installed. 

In this way, you won’t have to compromise, and you can enjoy your conservatory even in the winter, in any geographical area. 




Modern conservatories by DFN: precious materials and the latest generation technological systems

What are the materials proposed by DFN for the construction of modern conservatories suitable for withstanding very low temperatures, precipitation, and wind?

To ensure adequate insulation, DFN proposes iron for the window fixtures, a material that boasts a thermal transmittance 7 times lower than that of aluminum.

To complete the facades of your cold-proof conservatory, you can choose from different types of glass: 

  • Double glazing or triple glazing further isolate the environment
  • Low-emission glass is able to maintain the internal temperature of the environment without dispersing it, thus saving significant energy
  • Structural glass supports the weight of snow and/or high volumes of precipitation 

Furthermore, during the construction phase, you can design ad hoc, custom-made finishes, roofing, curtains, and ventilation systems for the insulation needs of the conservatory you want to build. 


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DFN heating systems

DFN's structural solutions are not the only weapon at your disposal to protect a modern conservatory from the cold. 

You can install mechanical systems to heat your new conservatory (or to cool it, should you need it).

DFN proposes various options, which all have the latest generation technologies.

  • Integrated air conditioning system in the false ceiling: a refined solution that is practically invisible but extremely efficient, and it doesn’t distract attention from all the structural and stylistic elements of your modern conservatory.
  • Integrated underfloor air conditioning system: installed in the floor, along the perimeter of the conservatory. This system is also very discreet and does not compromise the design of the structure.
  • Heating and cooling system integrated into the floor: this option allows uniform heating, as it is installed over the entire surface of the floor. Easy to maintain, this system is also particularly sustainable in terms of costs, as well as for the environment.




DFN is a guarantee of quality: the construction process and installation

DFN creates luxury environments that are always enjoyable to use and live in, and are always admired. 

DFN professionals have the expertise and know-how to create modern conservatories complete with every comfort, even in the presence of hostile environmental conditions, such as a particularly cold, snowy, and/or rainy climate.

DFN’s attention to detail, luxury materials, and experience in combining shapes and colors to create balance and harmony between space and size are the company’s trademark, which always skilfully combines the client’s wishes with the needs of the space available and the structure’s intended use

Production, control, and pre-assembly

Not only the design but the entire development and construction process of DFN’s modern luxury conservatories is carried out in collaboration with the client. 

This one-on-one working method allows the company to develop a modern conservatory tailored to the client's requests and the structure’s environment. 

The DFN team will personally analyze the characteristics and climatic conditions of the new conservatory’s location. 

In this way, you can proceed with the installation in the most suitable ways for your specific situation, and with the certainty that the project conceived actually complies with the peculiarities of the construction site. 

This is a fundamental step when designing modern conservatories that will be in areas of the world subject to a particularly harsh climate since the internal temperature of the structure is of primary importance to ensure optimal livability.




The installation of your new modern conservatory

Once the project has been confirmed and the production of what is necessary to start the work has been completed, all the modern conservatories designed with DFN are pre-assembled on company premises, to give you an additional guarantee. 

In fact, during the pre-assembly phase, each structural element is checked to confirm compliance with what is requested and approved by the client. 

A team specialized in construction operations worldwide will then assemble the structure at the final destination

It will be a cozy winter in a modern conservatory by DFN

Once the construction of your new conservatory’s structure has been completed, the spaces have been finished with exceptional flooring and walls, and the air conditioning systems have been installed, DFN will guide you in the choice of furnishing elements best suited to your new outdoor room. 

Curtains in fine fabrics, carpets, poufs and sofas, dining tables and chairs, light points, ceiling and floor lamps, storage units, and much more. 

With DFN you can complete your bespoke modern conservatory with the furnishings of your choice, selecting each element in line with the style of the house to which it belongs and the surrounding nature, to create a luxurious, comfortable, and warm environment, even during the coldest winters. 



How do you integrate a conservatory into your luxury design projects? DFN has an exclusive seminar for you

No matter the type of outdoor design project, the construction of a conservatory will allow you to embellish and give greater value to the finished product, make it more beautiful and sustainable, and improve its livability.

Regardless of your client’s needs and wishes, if the space and the enforceable conditions allow it, it is worth evaluating the realization of this type of structure at the highest quality standards, in terms of materials and design. 

Have you thought about this possibility and don't know how to integrate a modern conservatory into your project?
Or do you need more information about the construction and technical details of this type of solution?

DFN has an exclusive seminar for you that includes a complete and ready-to-use guide to share all the secrets and the most valuable technical knowledge of the construction of a luxury modern conservatory, from the design process to the actual construction.

This valuable resource was created by DFN project manager Gianluca Ruggeri and covers key areas for the construction of a conservatory, such as: 

  • What are the possibilities in terms of the size of a modern conservatory?
  • What are the materials used and the technical characteristics of these constructions?
  • How does the design process work?
  • Which systems can be integrated into the structure?
  • What are the advantages of a conservatory compared to buildings with a traditional design and materials?

How can you view the seminar?

To get the webinar, just register here.

You don’t have to attend the seminar in person, because it is in webinar format, and once acquired it will remain at your complete disposal for future consultations.

Once you have registered, you will have, in addition to the video seminar, the possibility to download the slides containing all the information illustrated by Gianluca Ruggeri, for an even more convenient consultation.


Download the ebook-Integrate indoor and outdoor spaces

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