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Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens

May 15, 2020
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on May 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 1

Carrying out a luxury outdoor project means selecting the highest performance and most refined design solutions. This is because in every self-respecting design, it is fundamental to merge technical and aesthetic dimensions in such a way to make the external environments exclusive scenarios.

In this sense, DFN outdoor kitchens are the ideal proposals for your project.

Each model is made ad hoc for external use: the brand's proposals are complete with appliances, cooking tools suitable for each use, high-performance materials with great aesthetic potential, made with specific treatments designed to guarantee durability and resistance outdoors, as well as to enhance the design of the kitchen itself.

We advise you to continue reading the article to find out all the details concerning kitchens.


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DFN outdoor kitchens: when design meets performance

DFN offers a selection of luxury outdoor kitchens that are born from the perfect synthesis between refined design and high-performance materials. In particular:

It is possible to customize each model in detail, starting from the finishes and the color up to the layout and dimensions, to respond to the most demanding client requests and satisfy their preferences in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Let's continue below by taking a deeper look at the technical-stylistic aspects of each solution.

Curved Kitchen “Multi-Element”

Curved Kitchen Multi-Element adapts to any use. This is the most sophisticated version that allows, through different modules in its own right, to set up a complete kitchen space.

Each element can be equipped as desired with a BBQ, sink, and gas hob. Each work area is organized at the client's discretion, to ensure total comfort and smooth development of the preparation phases.

An outdoor kitchen model that follows a design with curvilinear shapes and is covered with high-performance materials.

In fact, the entire structure is made of iron and painted for outdoor use. It has an aluminum base covered in synthetic resin, with metal feet characterized by particular finishes. The doors of the modules are covered in very low thickness porcelain stoneware with a characteristic metallic finish.

The worktop is always made of porcelain stoneware with a marble finish, 12 mm thick with a visible beveled edge, a refined material highly resistant to heat, wear, and atmospheric agents.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 2

Curved Outdoor Kitchen “Corner Composition”

This model, belonging to the Curved Kitchen line, which escapes from traditional spatial schemes, has a very particular angular pattern. Thanks to its characteristic shapes, the work surface is wider and more functional: a real operating console organized to have everything at hand.

It is an innovative design outside of the usual schemes that does not sacrifice functionality or comfort. From a single central position, it is possible to manage the cooking, preparation, and washing functions.

We are talking about a luxury outdoor kitchen developed in an angular sense, in which technique and aesthetics meet, giving the client the comfort and style necessary to make their outdoor cooking area a livable and functional space.

Here, too, we find an aluminum base, covered in hand-woven synthetic rattan, which rests on bronze-finish metal feet. The doors, as per the peculiarities of the curved line, are covered in low thickness porcelain stoneware with a metallic finish, which gives strength and resistance to the entire structure. This model is equipped with a modern BBQ, sink, and hob.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 3


Linear Kitchen with Automatic Cover

With the Linear Kitchen with Automatic Cover, technology offers the possibility of covering the worktop and appliances with a cover that opens upwards and can be activated using a special remote control.

The model proposed here is equipped with an induction hob, sink with a retractable mixer to allow the lid to be closed, gas BBQ, wine cellar, and porcelain stoneware top, suitable for contact with food and resistant to oxidation and high or very cold temperatures.

In addition to deciding on the layout of all the appliances, you can choose whether to use a metal band for the base, which creates a base (polaris base), or whether to use a bridge structure covered with woven synthetic resin.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 4


Island Kitchen with Sliding Table

The Island Kitchen with Sliding table allows you to experience outdoor environments around an elegant sliding table in porcelain stoneware with a marble finish. When open, it serves as a comfortable tabletop, while when closed, it covers and protects the worktop and kitchen appliances.

Specifically, this model is made with powder-coated iron modules and, just like the Linear Kitchen with Automatic cover, has a top made of porcelain stoneware, the same finish as the table, highly resistant to wear, and bad weather.

It is also possible in this case to customize the entire kitchen configuration by selecting between two bases with different styles.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 5


Linear Selection with Manual Cover

The Linear Section with Manual Cover is another model belonging to the Linear Kitchen collection, which has a structure with technical characteristics almost equal to the Linear Kitchen with Automatic Cover, but in this case, it has a manual cover.

The cover is also ideal in this case to protect the entire worktop when the kitchen is not used and, at the same time, finishes it when closed.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 6


Sectional U Shaped Kitchen

The Sectional U Shaped Kitchen is one of the most all-inclusive outdoor kitchen models. It boasts a highly functional "U" arrangement and is suitable for larger outdoor spaces.

It is equipped with two induction hobs, a teppanyaki, gas BBQ, and wine cellar. The modules are characterized by extra durable powder coating, a finish that gives resistance to the entire structure and counteracts the oxidation process.

Upon the client's request, it is possible to add sliding shelves for a customized solution.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 7


Linear Kitchen with Sliding Cover Bar Version

The Linear Kitchen with Sliding Cover shares the same stylistic and functional aspects of the other models of the Linear Kitchen collection, with a distinctive feature: a sliding cover towards the rear side of the kitchen that becomes a bar counter.

This is an additional element that underlines the multifunctional character of the proposal. This composition is complete with a sink with a retractable mixer, to allow the passage of the sliding cover and ice tray.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 8


Linear Kitchen Barbecue Version

It is the smallest of the proposals suitable for small environments where you want to have a design object that encloses and hides a latest generation BBQ.

To complete the Linear Kitchen Barbecue Version, you can choose between an aluminum base covered with a hand-woven synthetic rattan or a straight metal band. The iron structure is entirely powder coated and therefore boasts an extra durable finish.

This model has a sliding cover that opens on the sides to hide the appliances. At the same time, these two porcelain stoneware elements become a comfortable countertop and work surface.


Create an elegant outdoor space with DFN outdoor kitchens 9


DFN outdoor kitchens: the perfect solutions you can offer to your client

In this article, we have illustrated the characteristics of Samuele Mazza outdoor kitchens: an unmistakable signature of glamor and a distinctive sign of high performance that marks our outdoor solutions.

Choosing a luxury outdoor kitchen by DFN means giving personality to the outdoor spaces of a home, offering the possibility for your client to have an exclusive experience, enjoying all the comforts and conveniences of an indoor kitchen in the outdoors.

Through its proposals, DFN guarantees a complete and customizable product both structurally and aesthetically, ensuring the possibility of adding a personal touch to the kitchen, thus creating a balanced combination of refined design and technical qualities.


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