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Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know

July 3, 2020
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Jul 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know 1

When it comes to designing outdoor furnishing scenarios for luxurious villas and refined accommodation facilities, our team takes care of supervising every design phase.

Fine-tuning every detail to create an aesthetic continuity between the internal and external rooms of the location in question.

External furnishing compositions increasingly emulate the interior ones, in terms of atmosphere, aesthetics, and comfort, and it is precisely for this reason that the designers' creative vision regarding design and furnishing has evolved.

Conferring aesthetic and functional continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces has become the main objective of architects and designers, as well as the key to the success of the best luxury contract outdoor projects.

Have you been commissioned to do an outdoor project and would like to satisfy your client by offering a furnishing proposal of considerable technical-stylistic content? To get a flawless result, choose the DFN brand.

With DFN, designing outdoor locations means benefiting from design and customization services based on client's requests and quality products in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Let's find out in detail what the DFN team of experts can offer you to make your project complete and unique.


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Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: our services

DFN guarantees a complete indoor and outdoor design service: it offers outdoor furnishing proposals that are ideal for setting up any space, ensuring the creation of bespoke projects for each location, created ad hoc for the client.

The company takes care of assisting the client by coordinating each project phase, providing an expert and competent work team. Each member of the group has special skills, and everyone works together to fulfill every request.

Our know-how is the means of realization and expression of the client's technical and stylistic needs.

To fully understand the commitment and meticulousness employed by the DFN team, below, we will take a more in-depth look at the phases that describe the development of our projects:

1. Meeting with the client and preliminary briefing;

2. Inspection and survey measures;

3. Preliminary design;

4. Technical design and rendering;

5. Project review and procurement phase;

6. Production phase;

7. Mounting phase;

8. Post-sales phase.

Let's analyze each step individually.

1. Meeting with the client and preliminary briefing

The starting point of the design process is the meeting with the cilent: a preliminary briefing aimed at collecting essential information for the success of the project, both in technical and aesthetic terms, depending on the client’s needs.

The DFN team will help you identify which furnishing style will best express the essence of your project by offering you design concepts and mood boards, to give you the right inspiration and develop new decorating and furnishing ideas.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know altair


2. Inspection and survey measures

Later, is the inspection phase: another fundamental step mainly aimed at verifying the conditions of the location, in terms of space and logistics, necessary in particular for bespoke realizations. On occasion, the work team will collect the relevant measures and information needed to be able to develop the preliminary design phase.

3. Preliminary design

This step involves the fine-tuning of the general layout and the individual furnishing elements. It takes the form of the presentation of tables, with floor plans and drawings that are DFN's interpretation of the requests received from the client.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know canopo


4. Technical design and rendering

In this phase, the interior designers in charge will select the most suitable furniture for the realization of their outdoor project.

Secondly, plans, elevations, and renderings of the work will be developed. The result will be give to the client for assessment to collect any observations and make changes and additions relating to the layout, the finishes chosen, and the elements of furniture included.

The client is given as complete a view as possible of the final result to be able to obtain final feedback and confirmation.

5. Project review and procurement phase

If there are reports from the client, DFN will analyze them and implement them into the project. Once the project is approved and final, procurement orders are made.


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6. Production phase

In this phase, the production of the single elements that will constitute the final product will take place, taking particular care to fulfill the client’s every request.

7. Mounting phase

At the end of the production phase, the team, if requested, will take care of transporting the furniture and setting it up in the chosen location.

8. Post-sales phase

After delivery, the company takes care of providing assistance and offering a punctual post-sales service.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know outdoor sofa


How to make your outdoor project look perfect and complete

We have illustrated the main design phases that must be carried out to create technically and stylistically impeccable luxury outdoor designs.

Perfection lies in the details and the attention to detail according to the client's taste, which is why each of these steps must be meticulously developed by appointed professionals.

But what makes a furnishing set for outdoor environments complete and perfect is the design of the lighting system and the set up of 3 task areas, essential for giving the same feeling of comfort, luxury, and hospitality typical of an indoor atmosphere.

Therefore, we need to think about the design of the:

  • Living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Dining room;
  • Lighting.

Below is a brief overview containing some suggestions for the care of the outdoor lighting design project and the creation of different furnishing concepts.

Living room

The living area is the place where hospitality becomes an exclusive experience

To create a glamorous and elegant atmosphere, without sacrificing functionality and comfort, we advise you to select furnishings in the same furnishing style, or to create a variegated but coherent aesthetic composition, according to the client's preferences.

The important thing is to focus on furnishing elements that can offer the right comfort and allow guests to revel in the beauty of the living space: large sofas and comfortable armchairs, refined side tables, furniture and cupboards, where you can store linens, dishes and silverware.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know 4



In any self-respecting luxury outdoor project, a kitchen should never be missing.

Carefully designing an outdoor cooking space means:

  • Evaluate the location where the kitchen will be installed;
  • Select suitable outdoor flooring, made with durable and resistant materials, as well as great aesthetic potential, that is: composite or traditional wood decking, stones, porcelain stoneware, bricks, marble mosaic, pebbles, and grits;
  • Plan the layout of the kitchen area that best suits the client’s needs and then choose between a corner kitchen, linear kitchen or U-shaped kitchen.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know 5


Dining room

The dining room area is the environment that frames the kitchen, which is why each piece of furniture selected to set up this room should result in total harmony with the style of the kitchen area and, as a result, give a sense of completeness and aesthetic coherence.

Opt for a dining set in stylistic agreement with the outdoor kitchen: you could propose that your client select a large table with matching chairs or create an unusual composition but still with a great aesthetic appeal by playing on the formal and material contrast of the single elements.

Maybe you should opt for seating in synthetic rattan with softer and curvilinear shapes to be combined with a square or rectangular table in wood or wrought iron.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know 6



Lighting should complete the entire furnishing arrangement, in terms of aesthetics, and create the location’s atmosphere, ensuring maximum comfort and excellent visibility.

Choose lamps with a modern and glamorous taste, coordinated with the accessories selected for your project: arched floor lamps, floor lamps, appliquès, and suspensions made with the best materials and certified for outdoor use.

The lighting sources that you will select for your project will not only be simple outdoor lighting design solutions but real light points and decorative elements able to make the entire location shine.


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN: what you need to know 7


Designing an outdoor lounge with DFN means creating the perfect outdoor space for your clients

DFN is the ideal partner for your luxury outdoor projects.

Each design phase is carried out meticulously and with attention to detail, as well as the client's wishes.

Having the assistance of our team as well as the vast know-how and specific knowledge of a highly specialized technical staff, you will be able to create a unique product with strong technical and aesthetic content, ensuring that the client's style and personal taste can find full expression.


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