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Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2021: luxury brands will need to experiment more with digital activities

April 9, 2021
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Apr 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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For security reasons, last year, the annual edition of the Milan furniture fair was postponed to 2021. This year, and at this moment, we are announcing that the Salone del Mobile will take place from September 5 to 10: highly anticipated dates for all companies and professionals from all over the world operating in the furniture and design sector.

The cancellation of the fifty-ninth edition in 2020 also forced companies to change how they present their novelties to customers in the furniture industry.

Given the emergency and the restrictions due to the pandemic, the design industry had to completely redesign its reality of agendas, appointments, production chains, exhibitions, and projects.

Although the cancellation of the Salone del Mobile has made it impossible to exhibit the year's novelties, the lockdown has directed companies towards new communication and promotional goals, prompting companies in the furniture industry to immerse themselves in the digital universe.

This has led to greater investments in social networks, increased the use of video call platforms to interact with customers, and generated a significant increase in live streaming events and the production of video content.

Thanks to digital narration, companies were still able to show their products, talk about their mission and corporate heritage, B2B marketing, eCommerce, and offer virtual tours and showrooms.

Like it or not, brands have had to face a forced conversion necessary to continue guaranteeing an exhibition and, above all, a visual experience to its customers: an opportunity that has certainly generated added value.

Several brands have decided to invest in and experiment with targeted digital activities to guarantee their customers an experience similar to that of the Salone but from a virtual and interactive perspective.

DFN is no stranger to these needs and continued working, so its customers could experience its exclusive outdoor furniture projects in a new way.

DFN created a virtual version of the fair, a real Salone del Mobile 4.0 in which visitors could experience a stimulating and realistic immersive experience: a virtual tour of the DFN world aimed at anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the luxurious atmospheres of the new collections.


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Salone del Mobile 4.0: a virtual tour of DFN’s new collection scenarios

Thanks to the tour, DFN did not miss an appointment with its visitors, who were still able to immerse themselves completely in the DFN universe by discovering the latest products for 2021.

Even with this new modality, the visit left viewers amazed, captivated by the total look of luxury scenarios, in which each element has been designed to enhance the outdoor environments in a unique way.

The latest collections illustrate a balanced synergy between functionality and style. This formula combines design and performance in a series of new products capable of responding to all the needs of an outdoor project: from furniture elements to furnishing accessories, from kitchens to the dining and living areas, up to the covered structures.

Here are the latest products for 2021 by DFN:

Let's study the characteristics of the individual elements more closely.



Sirio dining table & curved luxury kitchen

The rods’ curved and essential silhouettes define the soft and refined design of the Sirio dining table and the matching seating in the new swivel version, presented with two-tone fabrics to match the kitchen decorations and give greater chromatic dynamism to the entire setting.

What characterizes the composition is the iron’s robust and austere soul, which, thanks to skillful craftsmanship, takes on soft and sophisticated shapes.

The new curved luxury kitchen, designed by Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection, is the result of a perfect balance between refined finishes, advanced technologies, and bold shapes.

The collection’s new kitchen area is fully customizable in every detail and accessory at the customer’s discretion and based on their practical needs.

It is a real gem with high performance and an attractive design: rounded sides, an automatic sliding cover, and doors decorated with a micro-glass mosaic covering with iridescent reflections.

This kitchen combines style and functionality: by sliding the top to one side, the cooking space turns into an equipped worktop, and the cover becomes a comfortable snack table.


dfn salone mobile 2021 samuele mazza


Pool collection floats, Canopo living set & Aldebaran rocking chair

The Canopo living set by Samuele Mazza expresses a new and exclusive idea of conviviality and relaxation. Classic-inspired furnishings with monumental lines, comfortable and elegant, which perfectly put to use contemporary fabrics and colors.

Samuele Mazza has created the new Pool Collection to give the outdoor spaces dedicated to relaxation a chic look outside and inside the water, ensuring multifunctionality and elegance.

The collection includes an exclusive line of floats made of nautical materials that are completely removable and waterproof.

Comfort, practicality, and aesthetic appeal united in a harmonious combination that makes the characteristics of this seating luxurious accessories.

The Aldebaran rocking chair design takes the shape of the iconic armchair that bears its name, re-proposing it in a glamorous key that adapts to a sophisticated outdoor setting with a relaxing atmosphere.

The strictly hand-woven resin creates a meticulously finished texture and has a large and welcoming shape, framed by an iron circle in which the swing is suspended. It is a roomy and comfortable seat in which you can indulge yourself, being pampered by the warm breeze of the outdoors.


dfn salone mobile 2021 samuele mazza


Sunrise living set & Aurora lamp

Belonging to the Sublime Collection, the new Sunrise line was conceived by the Bebo & Angel designers with a very specific idea: to create a composition in which the idea of strength and lightness can materialize.

The solidity of the flat section iron blends with the soft lines of the other elements and chromed accessories and is enlivened by distinctive and refined finishes, such as gold and bronze paints with metallescent and pearlescent effects.

The seating, accompanied by generous cushions, is upholstered in fine fabrics with personalized patterns that recall the collection’s concept: evocative shades inspired by the incessant passage of time.

The Sunrise line—complete with sofas, armchairs, and day beds—is a real invitation to enjoy some relaxation and comfort.

The atmosphere created by the furniture collection acquires a new light thanks to the Aurora lamps: splendid examples of solutions for decorative ambient lighting.

These light sources have a sculptural and imposing structure that provides lighting while acting as decorative elements within the decor scenario.

The lamps are available in two models: the first echoes the curvilinear silhouette of an hourglass, while the other dynamically emulates the lines of a sophisticated chalice.

The synthetic resin lampshades, made entirely by hand, show textures with a geometric design, which is the result of diamond weaving.

The fine workmanship allows the light to radiate through the holes and create fascinating luminous choreographies that are always different. A distinctive touch that gives greater value is the gold decoration placed as a small collar to emphasize the lamps’ curves.


dfn salone mobile 2021 dolcefarniente


Bioclimatic pergola & Twilight dining set

A fabulous furnishing setting that does not give up on comfort and functionality: this describes the atmosphere of the Palladio Bioclimatic Pergola. It is a structure of hybrid aesthetic inspiration, in which modern images and suggestions are mixed.

The glamorous aesthetic finds full expression in the roof’s advanced technology: an extremely innovative solution that allows you to experience the dining area in total relaxation, protected and full of pleasure, without worrying about the weather.

The roof is made up of adjustable slats that rotate or collect on one side with a retractable pantograph system.

This cover guarantees sun protection, air circulation, and if closed, complete shelter from the rain. To embellish the structure, round pillars and precious chrome decorations that accentuate the shapes have been added.

In combination with the Bioclimatic Pergola is the new Twilight dining set by the designers Bebo & Angel for the Sublime collection. Once again, the collection’s strengths emerge and design an outdoor experience made up of shades and details and elegance and naturalness.

The table’s base, made with the two-tone synthetic resin ribbon, is characterized by a particular herringbone weave that creates bold geometric movements capable of capturing the persuasive solar reflections.

What makes the table more modern and consistent is the ceramic top with bold color contrasts. Its refined workmanship is also re-proposed in the dining chairs, whose design presents strong but gentle lines, shaping sophistication and functionality in every single proposal.


dfn salone mobile 2021 bioclimatic pergola


Salone del Mobile.Milano 2021 launches the digital platform dedicated to exhibiting brands

Recently, the Organizing Committee of the Salone del Mobile.Milano announced that this year, alongside their physical presence at the fair, companies will also have the opportunity to emerge in the digital world.

In fact, the process of uploading content on the digital platform managed directly by the Salone del Mobile has started, divided into various sections dedicated to the exhibiting brands, which will be populated with information and technical content from each brand.

The digital platform becomes an exhibition scenario for the brands that will participate in the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan: a unique opportunity to exhibit their products both live and online.


dfn salone mobile 2021 samuele mazza


How targeted digital activities helped DFN create its own Salone del Mobile

In the last year, DFN has invested heavily in targeted digital activities by designing an immersive video that meticulously reproduces the furnishings and the atmosphere that its audience would have had the opportunity to discover by visiting the 59th edition of the Salone del Mobile.

The viewer was guided through settings created ad hoc to show each piece of furniture’s decorative and functional potential.

DFN's experience with this video will not remain isolated. Instead, it has outlined the path for a new way of presenting one's proposals to an increasingly attentive and evolved international clientele that will become, from now on, a must.

For DFN, the fair is a time for meeting and exchanges, an annual event of fundamental importance for the company. For this reason, the team is committed to creating a virtual place where they can meet and interact with visitors.

Digital activities like this show the desire to go further and promote their brand worldwide, reaching a wide-ranging audience.

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Chiara Bastianelli

Written by Chiara Bastianelli

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