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Outdoor furniture for your villa: DFN selection

February 5, 2021
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Feb 5, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Each dream villa must have, by definition, its own dream outdoor space. We can also find perfectly furnished and comfortable interior rooms in the city center, but enjoying a villa, on the other hand, means taking walks, sunbathing, relaxing in the shade of a tree and smelling the flowers in your garden.

For this reason, it is so important that the gardens and terraces of a villa are designed and furnished with care, paying the utmost attention to comfort and functionality, and also to elegance and style. In fact, outdoor furniture is the perfect opportunity to convey the host’s personal and chic taste.

The outdoor furniture for your villa must allow you to achieve a perfect balance between relaxation and fun.

On the one hand, in fact, outdoor spaces have all the right cards to become a personal paradise, where you can retreat to a cozy sofa or bed with a good book or your favorite music for hours and hours. On the other hand, they are the perfect place to welcome guests during the summer and organize parties, aperitifs, or dinners outdoors.

To get the most out of life outdoors, it is necessary to expect only the best furniture, made with prestigious materials, and able to withstand the passage of time and different seasons.

At DFN, we have been offering the highest quality outdoor furniture, refined in workmanship and ambitious in performance, for years. This article presents a selection of our best product lines and the characteristics of excellence that distinguish all our furniture brands: Samuele Mazza and Dolcefarniente.




Samuele Mazza, a prestigious signature on outdoor furniture for your villa

Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection is the brand with which the designer Samuele Mazza proposes an outdoor line. For the first time, the designer’s eclectic vision is outlined in a proposal of furniture that bears his name. Both classic and glamorous, the brand's collections include furniture with attention to the smallest details and handmade with materials that resist atmospheric agents.

The artisanal nature of the individual pieces allows them to be completely customized if required. Therefore, the designer’s creativity can blend with each client’s style and taste to obtain a unique piece of furniture—the perfect outdoor furniture for your villa.

The Siderale collection

Dreamlike, monumental, comfortable, ironic: this is how the designer defines Siderale furniture, made of synthetic resin and iron treated with special paints to withstand any climatic condition.

Although characterized by an important stage presence and a refined style, the various models have been designed to be practical and comfortable for clients who demand only the best.

The collection consists of several families:

  • Canopo T2
  • Canopo
  • Sole
  • Sirio
  • Wezen
  • Naos
  • Zibal

Each of them includes different elements, from lighting to furniture, to accessories, refined in every detail, all coordinated and, as a result, combinable.


Canopo Floating


The Demetra collection

Demetra is a set of luxury outdoor furniture characterized by a sinuous and contemporary design that is also modern and balanced.

It is composed of different lines of furniture designed for various outdoor environments.

Aralia and Kenzia include furniture made entirely of woven synthetic resin, intended for comfortable and elegant living and dining areas.

Alternatively, Yucca is a line of dining tables, chairs, and various accessories, all in iron.

The collection is completed by two outdoor kitchens, one corner and one multi-element, capable of combining exclusive style and practicality of use for chefs who demand quality tools without sacrificing precious aesthetics.


Yucca Table Chairs Outdoor


The Orangerie collection

The result of patient and meticulous work, the furnishings of this collection are handmade using natural materialsrattan and wicker. In this way, design innovation meets the historical tradition of weaving fibers in a synthesis at the highest level.

The product families that make up Orangerie are called Antares, Rigel, Saiph, and Vega, and include a large variety of tables, armchairs, sofas, and chairs. The three unique pieces of the collection deserve a special mention: the Shaula and Aldebaran armchairs and the Altair seat.

Since these are made with natural materials, we recommend using the furniture only in covered areas, such as verandas and porches, to ensure proper storage.


Vega Sofa Set Garden


Kitchens and lighting

Samuele Mazza completes its range with two other collections, united by a strong component of functionality and technology: a line of kitchens and one dedicated to outdoor lighting.

The kitchens by the designer are one of DFN's flagships. Original in shape and precious in materials, they are products characterized by high-level performance and their adjustability according to customer needs.

The lighting line offers elements with a classic and extremely decorative design, designed to complement the furniture lines in a coordinated way. We are talking about street lamps, floor and arch lamps, suspensions, and wall lights, all handmade and with a scenographic effect.

Comfortable and elegant outdoor furniture for your villa: the Dolcefarniente brand

Only through high-level outdoor furniture can it be possible to create an environment that is both comfortable and refined. From this philosophy, Dolcefarniente was created—the DFN brand that for over 30 years has been offering quality furniture for the most elegant outdoor environments.

Dolcefarniente focuses on the external living areas, conceived as a natural continuation of the internal ones. The common feature of all the furnishings offered is the weave, intended as a fine artisan technique, obtained thanks to the workers’ unparalleled skills.


Sunrise Sofas Armchairs


Sublime collection

Sublime is the collection born from the creativity of the Bebo&Angel designers. They are glamorous furnishings designed for pure relaxation through the creation of dreamy and rarefied atmospheres—a true oasis of peace and tranquility.

The furniture is divided into two lines, opposite and complementary. Sunrise combines a streamlined and sharp-edged structure with the use of flat section iron and soft and generous cushions. Twilight is made of synthetic resin that creates geometric weaves, one or two-tone.


Sunlight Pergola Dining Set


Outdoor collection

It is the most eclectic and varied collection of the Dolcefarniente brand. Designed for an elegantly designed outdoor area, it includes many valuable items for your villa’s outdoor furniture.

All products are characterized by the use of Viro certified synthetic resin, a fiber that resembles woven rattan but is much more durable, resistant, and easy to clean.

The result is high-quality furniture, great comfort, and functionality, available in many colors. From the point of view of style, each element can be easily combined with the others to make it easy to create coordinated and, at the same time, personal sets.


Aldebaran Resin


Customize the outdoor furniture for your villa

In addition to the brands’ models in the catalog, DFN offers the possibility to customize outdoor furniture, making unique objects, a direct expression of the client’s style and taste. Also, in this case, the client is presented with the best options available on the market.

From time to time, we suggest the raw materials that are best suited to the client’s use. In this way, they can decide freely, sure to make the right choice in each case.

For furniture intended to remain outdoors, for example, we provide materials designed and treated to ensure the best performance over time, both in terms of comfort and aesthetic performance, despite being often subject to the most disparate climatic conditions.

The fabrics we offer are made with the finest outdoor yarns that are water repellent, resistant to sun and rain, and easily washable. Even the textures are subject to a careful selection, without prejudice, giving the client the possibility to request the reproduction of their own designs.

DFN, the best selection of outdoor furniture for your villa

The entire DFN proposal is the result of decades of experience in the outdoor furniture sector. Thanks to consolidated design and production expertise at the highest international architecture levels, we successfully select, year after year, the best furniture created by our designers.

Only the most valuable, most original, most refined, and glamorous pieces become part of the DFN collections, whether it is the Dolcefarniente brand or Samuele Mazza. Therefore, our quality standards are very strict, but we continue firmly on this path, aware that only by offering the best can we deserve the trust of the most demanding clients.

Our flair for rigor and selectivity does not affect our willingness to provide customized solutions; in fact, we are always open to accepting our interlocutor’s individual requests, even completely customizing the products.

This happens with the collaboration of our creative team that is able to offer the necessary advice to obtain a functional, comfortable, and lasting final result.



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Chiara Bastianelli

Written by Chiara Bastianelli

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