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Unique outdoor furniture ideas for your clients' patios

January 15, 2021
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Jan 15, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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For many people, their favorite part of the house is not located within the walls, but just outside them. Naturally, we are talking about the outdoor environment. Anyone who owns a garden wants to make it, at least in part, a private corner of beauty and relaxation.

Therefore, a good designer must be up to the task and know how to create a luxurious outdoor space that guarantees maximum style, comfort, and functionality.

Much of the design activity must be dedicated to the choice and arrangement of outdoor furniture, elements necessary to move as many daily moments as possible outdoors. They must be suitable to withstand any climatic condition and, at the same time, recreate the ideal, comfortable, and glamorous outdoor environment.

As an extension of the house, it is important that the patio respects its style and maintains a high standard of furniture. Whether you like it or not, it represents, from the guests’ point of view, a part of the identity of those who live in the house and thus becomes a direct expression of it.

That is why an anonymous style, lacking in character, is not recommended.

In this article, we want to inspire you with some unique furnishing ideas, original solutions for outdoor projects designed by DFN, that are capable of reflecting the owner’s personality and, in part, yours, as the author of the project.


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Ideas for unique outdoor furniture: elements that alone make the difference

In some contexts, a single piece of furniture with an original design is enough to fill the entire furniture arrangement with personality.

Usually, these are objects with an important presence, capable of capturing the visitors’ attention and monopolizing their glances.

Other times, they are less conspicuous elements, but they make the environment immediately recognizable as if they were an emblem of its identity.

Below, we offer some examples of unique outdoor furniture ideas by DFN:

The Aldebaran resin rocking chair

The rocking chair is synonymous with relaxation, capable of evoking fascinating and harmonious atmospheres.

This rocking chair by Samuele Mazza is inspired by and takes the shape of the iconic Aldebaran armchair, further expanding the concept of comfort in a glamorous key.

The synthetic resin structure, rigorously woven by hand, describes the lines of a large and welcoming chair: a nest in which to indulge and enjoy a nice cuddle.

The overall image is enhanced and made original by the external structure that supports it: an iron circle, a real frame, in which the swing is suspended.

A game of balance and weight that create, with essential lines, an important and sophisticated stage presence.


aldebaran black armchair and pouf


The Altair resin bench

The Altair resin bench is a unique and distinctly original piece. With its rounded structure, the bench evokes the concept of a Renaissance alcove, giving privacy to comfort and becoming a real nest to snuggle in.

The structure is made entirely of resin; the result is a perfect complement for outdoor use. The iconic weave with the Vienna straw motif is proposed in an oversize version to create a large texture that envelops and decorates. This particular texture requires a very complex process to be made exclusively by hand, like every piece of furniture in the Samuele Mazza collection.

Despite its size, the Altair resin bench remains a light and harmonious complement that fits into the outdoors with understated elegance. It is a unique piece that can be perfectly coordinated with elements from the Wezen series, which can be inserted with ease in the most varied contexts because it is both classic and glamorous.


altair bench


The Shaula armchair

A third example by the same designer is the Shaula armchair, a true icon from the Orangerie line, with classic and, at the same time, glamorous shapes.

Shaula is handmade by very experienced master craftsmen.

The natural parchment that it is made of is very complex and employs a long weaving process.

Some precious decorative details complete this chair, making it even more charming and regal; they are metal animal heads, similar to those that were once placed on top of walking sticks.


shaula brown armchair


The Aurora lamp

The Aurora outdoor lamp, from DFN's Dolcefarniente collection, is available in two different models, which stand out immediately. The first is inspired by the shape of the hourglass and thus underlines the value of time. The other model resembles a sophisticated goblet, with a very glamorous design.

The hourglass variant comes in three different sizes, according to tastes and needs. Everything is then embellished with gold decorations.

Once turned on, the light is characterized by a very suggestive effect. In fact, it is released from the diamond weave of the synthetic resin straps, creating refined reflections to enhance the atmosphere with a unique touch.


aurora lamps set


The floating Canopo 

Samuele Mazza offers a line of floating furniture for the pool area, which follows the style of the characteristic Canopo line, the protagonist of the collection.

This new collection of luxurious accessories, to be used both in and out of the water, is destined to play a leading role in outdoor spaces. Made with eco-friendly materials, it stands out thanks to its great stage presence, comfort, and ease of use.


canopo floating sun beds


Ideas for unique outdoor furniture: the difference is in the details

Sometimes it is a detail or a specific aspect widespread in the various pieces of furniture that gives character to the entire outdoor furniture arrangement. Many furniture collections share the same style or material, but are distinguished by the recognizable shape of a single element, repeated in each piece of furniture of the single line.

The case of Samuele Mazza's synthetic rattan furniture

Let's take, for example, the Samuele Mazza catalog.

Many of the collections present are characterized by the use of synthetic resin, in the form of woven ribbons to closely resemble the classic Vienna straw. It is a very complex artisan process, obtained through an exclusively handmade process.

Although the material is the same, every single line is different from the others when you carefully observe the details.

The Kenzia series is characterized by chairs with high backs.

It can be easily combined with the Aralia series, but the latter is clearly distinguished by the armrest that is flared outwards, a real distinctive element.

The Canopo series also makes use of woven synthetic resin similar to rattan, but in this case, the distinctive aspect is the legs, with an almost feline shape, of classical inspiration and at the same time modern and very elegant. The same element is present in the Canopo T2 furniture, an extension of the main series.

Wezen, on the other hand, differs from the others in style concerning how the fibers are woven: here, the idea of unique outdoor furniture is given by the much larger weave, so much so that it becomes a distinctive decorative element.


kenzia living set


The case of the Yucca and Sirio furniture

Another example concerns the Yucca and Sirio series, both belonging to the Samuele Mazza brand. In both cases, the main component is the iron rod, a traditional material wisely handled by DFN master craftsmen, which serves as both a structure and an ornament.

In the case of Yucca, the metal rods are shaped horizontally and vertically and then covered with refined and original finishes. These paints have a double function: in addition to protecting them from atmospheric agents, they make them special. They become the protagonists of the outdoor space because they are unusual.

In Sirio, the same rods are not distinguished by the finish, but by the shape. They move differently and are much more sinuous, to soften the typical severity of the material and create a decidedly sophisticated design. Therefore, it is a collection with completely different characteristics from the previous one.


yucca dining space


Ideas for unique outdoor furniture: take inspiration from the indoors

To make outdoor furnishings your own and unique, a good practice is to coordinate them properly with the rest of the house. The style must recall as much as possible that of the interior, adapting it to the different needs typical of outdoor spaces.

In this way, the furniture’s original personality will also be confirmed outdoors, in a stimulating game of references.

Some of these usually distinctive interior items can be functional elements. More and more activities that were once believed to be exclusive to the indoors today can be done outside.

The most typical example is food preparation: outdoor kitchens are now a convenience and a status symbol, which no one wants to give up anymore. Therefore, choosing and setting up a dream kitchen in the garden can turn into a unique idea for outdoor furniture.

To make this environment exclusive, it is necessary to leave behind the old-fashioned barbecues or the country masonry ovens of the past. Today’s outdoor kitchen must be modern and perfectly equipped, enriched with valuable details, but functional and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The Samuele Mazza line of outdoor kitchens is a perfect example of this: unique designs, unusual and surprising finishes, combined with cutting-edge technology.

Even more decorative objects can transfer the same personality and characterization that they already give to the indoors to the outdoors. A typical example is rugs, which wonderfully complement the outdoor furniture, emphasizing their prestige and attention to detail.

DFN's Zibal rugs combine excellent technical performance with great elegance. The same texture as the fabrics used in Samuele Mazza furniture can be applied to them for a very charming set.

Vases are another category of indoor furnishings that, used outdoors, make everything chicer. DFN offers some examples in its Siderale collection.

The Naos glass vases, which can be combined with the maxi pouf of the same name, are integrated with internal lighting fixtures, making them extremely glamorous products, halfway between furniture and accessories.

Lunette and Alhena are more traditional vases, the first inspired by a classic design and the second characterized by a garland decoration. Elegant and sophisticated, they are luxury furnishing accessories capable of making an environment stand out.


kitchen multi curved element


The unique idea of outdoor furniture par excellence: customized furniture

A recognizable style and superior quality furniture are, in short, the fundamental elements that cannot be missing if you want to give personality and class to your clients’ patio.

And if you want to transform your outdoor spaces into real experiences of comfort and elegance, some unique ideas of outdoor furniture, like the ones we have seen, will be the icing on the cake.

For those who demand more, the next level of personal characterization can only be given by the customization of each piece of furniture. In this, DFN represents the ideal partner: thanks to the internal designers’ advice and the great experience in the handcrafting of each product, any outdoor furniture can be made to measure.

Architecture, shapes, and materials decided in synergy with the company to create truly unique pieces, capable of making the most of your project’s concept and specificities.


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