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DFN experience: luxury outdoor furniture for Villa Marian

April 29, 2020
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Apr 29, 2020 10:15:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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DFN experience: luxury outdoor furniture for Villa Mariam

The Forte Village Resort has been one of the best structures in the world for excellence in accommodation for almost twenty years. Located on the beach of S. Margherita di Pula, it houses sumptuous luxury villas, as well as authentic jewel-dwellings capable of fully expressing the taste for the elegance and rational balance of Italian architectural culture.

Among the 13 luxury villas inside the resort, in all its elegant refinement, Villa Mariam stands out: an undeniably enchanting and peaceful home.

It is a grand vision that demonstrates how architecture and design, interacting in a balanced synergy, can recreate a unique and seductive atmosphere typical of an oasis of relaxation with the hotel services of an exclusive hotel.

This villa bears the illustrious signature of the engineer Mario Dal Molin, an important name in Italy and abroad, and in the luxury residential, hospitality and commercial tourism sectors and major international brands.

Dal Molin’s engineering studio followed the entire project and chose all the furnishings and finishes of the villa, selecting, for the outdoor spaces, one of the collections produced and distributed by DFN, a luxury outdoor furniture brand.

The choice fell on the extremely elegant Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection, capable of supporting a realization such as this one with a high technical-aesthetic profile.

Below, we will illustrate the architectural and furnishing details that characterize this house and make it one-of-a-kind.


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How DFN furniture enriches the indoor and outdoor spaces of the extraordinary Villa Mariam

The design of the planimetric system of Villa Mariam, symmetrical and clearly classic in character, is made more dynamic and enveloping by two large ramps of curved stairs, connected to the submerged moon-shaped staircase: a complex system of connections that echoes the model of ancient baroque houses.

Internally, thanks to the study and targeted selection of luxury furnishings, it has been possible to give shape to an interior decorating atmosphere mirroring that of the exterior, in which order, a balance of forms, and style reign supreme.

In the inventory of furnishing accessories and design accessories specially chosen to set up the rooms of the villa, we can find elements of the Samuele Mazza collection placed in the indoor and outdoor environments of the home.

Among the various brand furnishings chosen for this project and positioned inside, we want to highlight:

  • The Yucca table with matching armchairs
  • The Curved Kitchen with swivel top

The presence of furniture elements from the Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection in the indoor spaces confirms their ability to easily fit into environments where attention to detail is paramount.

The entrance to the villa is on the ground floor, connected to the first floor by an internal staircase and the underlying pool level from the external stairways.

The central area is divided into four areas according to a geometric tau pattern and revolves around a cinema and reading area with a large natural stone fireplace with an LED screen above.

The Yucca table with matching chairs: curvilinear shapes and refined materials that enhance the design of the set

On the opposite side of the cinema area, inserted in a double-height bow window, there is a sophisticated dining area dominated by a copper-colored disc chandelier that floats gracefully above the round Yucca table with the matching bridges covered in precious copper wire fabric.

The table has an elegant top that can be made in different finishes from glass to marble and is available in various sizes, both in an oval and round version.

The matching seats, made of iron and soft padding covered in fine outdoor fabrics, are able to seduce the senses and welcome the guest in a comfortable embrace, making the stay comfortable and, at the same time, giving a chic touch to the composition.

This glamorous dining set belongs to the Demetra Collection by Samuele Mazza, a line of luxury outdoor furniture capable of interpreting all the rooms in the house and customizing them in detail.


DFN experience: luxury outdoor furniture for Villa Mariam 2


Curved Kitchen with a swivel top: an example of custom luxury

The conversation area and the kitchen with a swivel top have been arranged on the sides of the dining area and the cinema area, specifically one of the models belonging to the line of outdoor kitchens called 'Curved' designed by Samuele Mazza.

It is a real jewel of technology and design. The rounded sides are a peculiar feature of this kitchen, and it is this detail that determines its name. The base in woven synthetic resin, in an ivory finish, with visible feet in bronze finishes, follows the curved outline of the main structure.

The structure is made of iron treated for outdoor use. The iron doors are covered in brown porcelain stoneware, while the top is made with ceramic marble in a Calacatta finish.

This exclusive cooking area has been custom made based on the specific requests of the client, with the aim of reinforcing the way guests experience the kitchen environment and facilitating its use, with the addition of high-performance tools. The kitchen of Villa Mariam is equipped with:

  • Stainless steel sink
  • 4-area induction hob
  • Refrigerator and vitrifridge
  • Multifunction electric oven

The majesty of ceramic marble and the pride of steel used respectively in the tops and appliances, guarantee of resistance, durability, and stage presence: inevitable factors in a luxury kitchen.

The top is rotatable, activated by remote control.


DFN experience: luxury outdoor furniture for Villa Mariam 3


Sofas, sunbeds and armchairs from the Canopo Collection

The sofas, sunbeds, and armchairs selected for the project are covered in gold-colored outdoor satin and belong to the refined Canopo Collection: luxury outdoor furniture elements capable of coordinating the swimming pool and living room flawlessly.

The whole external environment is characterized by the majesty of the canopic line, which, with its unmistakable lines, offers a new glamorous way of spending time in the sun and relaxing.


DFN experience: luxury outdoor furniture for Villa Mariam 4


Quality, flawless style, and performance: what DFN can guarantee for your project

Villa Mariam is a luxury outdoor project that has seen some of the DFN furniture elements become the undisputed protagonists of the most important rooms of the house.

The result is surprising because, in addition to faithfully reflecting the initial project imagined by the Dal Molin studio, it proves the company's great commitment in the luxury contract sector: a sector in which quality, impeccable style, and performance are increasingly requested features.


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