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Luxury modern outdoor kitchen as a style statement: discover Samuele Mazza's Collection

September 3, 2021
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Sep 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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The luxury outdoor kitchens by Samuele Mazza offer modern designs and excellent performance with an elegant appearance. This special formula, which integrates aesthetics and technology, makes the brand ideal to tastefully furnish the outdoor spaces of the most luxurious homes.

The linear outdoor kitchen and curved outdoor kitchen are the two exclusive lines developed by the brand: they share the same style based on a glamorous and modern concept but have different structures and details.

The goal is to offer varied proposals to meet the different furnishing requests and tastes of the most demanding customers.

Next, we will study more closely the details of the collection by reviewing some proposals.

Luxury modern outdoor kitchens: the unmistakable beauty of Samuele Mazza’s Collection

Both collections include different models that can be fully customized in layout, color, appliances, and even in finishes and dimensions.

In particular:

Below we will explain the technical and stylistic peculiarities of each solution.


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Linear kitchen with automatic cover

The technology of the linear kitchen with an automatic cover offers the possibility of protecting the counter space and appliances with a cover that opens upwards that can be activated using a special remote control.

The model is equipped with:

  • Induction hob
  • Sink with a retractable mixer that allows you to close the cover
  • Gas BBQ
  • Wine cellar and porcelain stoneware top: suitable for contact with food and resistant to oxidation and high or freezing temperatures




Island kitchen with sliding table

The island kitchen with a sliding table allows you to enjoy outdoor environments around an elegant sliding table in gres porcelain tile with a marble finish.

This element, when open, acts as a convenient support surface, while when closed, it covers and protects the counter space and the kitchen appliances.

Specifically, the model is made with powder-coated galvanized sheet modules and has a top made of gres porcelain tile, in the same finish as the table, highly resistant to wear and bad weather.




Linear section with manual cover

The linear section with a manual cover has a structure with technical characteristics similar to the model of the linear kitchen with an automatic cover, but in this case the cover is manual.

The cover serves to protect the counter space when the kitchen is not in use and at the same time refines it when closed.




Sectional U-shaped kitchen

The sectional U-shaped kitchen is the most complete model.

Its “U” layout is known for its high functionality and ergonomics, and for its ability to adapt to larger outdoor spaces.

It’s equipped with:

  • Two induction hobs
  • Teppanyaki
  • Gas BBQ and wine cellar

The modules feature extra-durable powder coating: a sought-after finish capable of giving resistance to the entire structure, by counteracting the oxidation process.




Linear kitchen with sliding cover bar version

The linear kitchen with a sliding cover shares the same stylistic and functional aspects of the other models in the collection, but it has a distinctive aesthetic-functional touch: a sliding cover towards the rear of the kitchen that becomes a bar counter.

This is an additional element that highlights the multifunctional character of the model. The solution is also complete with a sink with a retractable mixer, to allow the passage of the sliding cover and ice tray.




Luxury curved kitchen 

In the new luxury curved kitchen by the Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection, refined finishes, the most advanced technologies, and the most daring design forms coexist in total harmony.

The new cooking space in the collection is entirely customizable at the discretion of the customer and their practical needs.

It’s an authentic declaration of a modern and chic style that guarantees high performance and remarkable aesthetic potential.

The luxury curved kitchen in its most refined version is characterized by rounded sides, an automatic sliding cover, and doors decorated with a micro-glass mosaic covering with iridescent reflections.

This kitchen offers great stylistic content that winks at the functional side: in fact, by sliding the top to one side, the cooking space turns into an equipped counter space and the cover becomes a convenient snack table.




Curved kitchen multi-element

The curved kitchen multi-element is a modular proposal designed to adapt to different space requirements. In fact, this model, through several separate modules, allows you to organize a complete kitchen space.

The kitchen area can be equipped with a BBQ, sink, and gas hob. Furthermore, each workstation can be organized according to the customer's requests, in such a way to ensure total comfort and the smooth execution of the preparation phases.

This design proposal has a curved silhouette entirely covered with high-performance materials, made of iron, and painted for outdoor use.

It features an aluminum base covered in synthetic resin, with metal feet characterized by unusual finishes. The doors of the modules are covered in very thin gres porcelain tile with a characteristic metallic finish.

The worktop is also made of gres porcelain tile with a marble finish, 12 mm thick with a chamfered visible edge, a refined material that is highly resistant to heat, wear, and atmospheric agents.




Curved outdoor kitchen corner composition

The curved outdoor kitchen corner composition is characterized by a design with a bold and unusual angle.

This proposal has an innovative design that combines functionality and comfort. The counter space is transformed into a real operating console organized to have everything at hand and from which it is possible to manage the cooking, preparation, and washing functions.

It’s a highly functional cooking space, developed in an angular sense to ensure comfort and ergonomics, as well as the design and taste necessary to create a livable, pleasant, and functional outdoor atmosphere.

The model features:

  • Aluminum base covered in hand-woven synthetic rattan
  • Metal feet with a bronze finish
  • Curved doors in low thickness gres porcelain tile with a metal finish
  • Modern BBQ, sink and hob



Samuele Mazza’s luxury modern kitchens: a statement of style and technical quality

The luxury outdoor kitchens by Samuele Mazza give personality to the outdoor locations of the most fascinating homes. They offer the opportunity to have an exclusive experience, guaranteeing that those who use and live in these outdoor spaces will enjoy all the comforts and technologies of an indoor kitchen but outdoors.

The best outdoor kitchens are born from the synthesis between refined design and technical qualities. DFN is able to guarantee this formula by offering a complete and customizable product both in terms of structure and aesthetics, ensuring the possibility of adding a personal touch to the kitchen.


Download the kichen catalogue

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