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Customized outdoor furniture for a unique project

December 4, 2020
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on Dec 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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customized outdoor furniture

Among all the design activities, home furnishing is undoubtedly the most intimate. What is more personal than creating the spaces that will then be inhabited by your client every day?

Inevitably, a large part of the individuality of the designer and their sensitivity will be transferred to the concept of the environment, together with the client’s ideas, needs, style, and requests.

In particular, when talking about gardens or terraces, furnishing means having the responsibility and the power to determine the comfort, aesthetic, and functional aspect of the places to which free time will be dedicated.

The outdoor area must reflect the end client’s ambitions, dreams, and desires. In a nutshell, the designer is asked to create the very soul of the outådoor space.

From this point of view, it is clear that, compared to many standard solutions proposed by the market, the choice to use bespoke and made-to-measure outdoor furniture offers many more advantages.

In fact, everything can be studied to faithfully refer to the ideal outdoor space conceived by the professional designer, the result of their creativity and experience.

The design, colors, materials, and dimensions can thus be selected to meet the specific needs of the client’s space and life, as well as the individual style of those who carry out the project.

The customization process, however, risks intimidating the less experienced. The prospect of having to choose every single detail can be frightening, in these cases, because it requires a lot of time, and the amount of variables involved is plentiful.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the advice of high-level experts, such as those of DFN, capable of giving shape to the desires and ideas of the designers and helping them to choose the best solutions, case by case.


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All the advantages of bespoke outdoor furniture

There are many positive aspects of outdoor furniture chosen by the client in every detail.

The most obvious is that it allows you to create furniture that, on the one hand, corresponds to the wishes of the client and, on the other hand, adapt in the best way to the context in which they will be inserted.

Create the furniture of your dreams

The customization of outdoor furniture allows the end client to participate significantly in its creation. The result obtained is an outdoor space that becomes a true expression of their tastes and needs.

They, or whoever they choose, can select sizes, shapes, coatings, materials, colors, and patterns...practically anything. Throughout the process, DFN experts will guide you step by step with all the more technical aspects.

Even for the designer, who can truly fulfill their function as a creator of environments, we are talking about stylistic and expressive freedom that cannot be realized in other ways

Selecting colors, materials, and shapes and imagining spaces for entertainment or relaxation that can be experienced alone or with friends, means having the possibility of concretely designing your client's private life.


Furniture Samuele Mazza Chai


Unique and exclusive pieces

Secondly, bespoke outdoor furniture allows you to avoid the typical furniture collection that makes environments very similar: the same style, the same design, and the same atmosphere, even in different contexts.

Customization allows you to create unique and recognizable outdoor furniture, a sort of personal signature of the designer or client. Sometimes even just the presence of one detail can make a difference. It may consist of a stylistic detail or the repetition of a design or shape.

Think, for example, of a family crest or a company logo shown on each piece of furniture or using the brand colors throughout the upholstery and cushions.


Samuele  Mazza chair and sofa


Every aspect under the client’s control

When working on an important luxury project, we aim for the highest quality in everything: everything must be perfect. The choice of bespoke and made-to-measure outdoor furniture is the only way to have total control of every aspect of the furnishings.

DFN allows its clients to monitor every phase of the design and production of furniture. Our experts are available and careful to follow requests and wishes, with the sole objective of obtaining exactly what your interlocutor wants.

Tailored to your outdoor space

Any external environment, even the most extensive and monumental, must deal with spatial limits and dimensions. The mere presence of elements such as flower beds, plants, walls, swimming pools, or decorations somehow forces you to make compromises.

It is not at all expected that mass-produced furniture adapts with harmony and elegance to the volumes they have to furnish. The logic of "standard" in fact is badly reconciled with outdoor spaces, especially those in which the presence of nature, so irregular and with an unpredictable development, is more relevant.

From this point of view, bespoke outdoor furniture is the only way to guarantee the correct balance and the right proportions in any case.


Samuele Mazza chair and table


The best advice for bespoke outdoor furniture

When you face the most creative phase of customized furniture, you often risk being overwhelmed with infinite possibilities and an enormous amount of choices to make.

The only way to reach a deadline is to rely on high-level consultants, such as DFN experts.

A good consultant has the ability to understand the client and offer them a selection of options that they are able to evaluate and manage.

Our consultancy service is able to guide designers who are considering a customized piece of furniture and can offer a range of possibilities that technically allow you to achieve what the designer has in mind, perhaps by refining the project with the choice of more suitable and performing materials to experience the challenge of open spaces.

The key to the whole process is building a good relationship. It is through listening and creating a relationship that DFN experts can manage to empathize with the client and understand their inclinations, tastes, and needs. From here, then, the work proceeds through four phases.

  1. We start by developing a concept, that is, the main idea that defines the identity of the project. Starting from the client’s expectations and style, identified during the initial meeting, the DFN team makes some initial hypotheses to define the fundamental elements. Then they confront the client again until the guidelines match their wishes exactly.
  2. We then move on to the selection of the most suitable materials, to create a total look that uniquely characterizes the entire furnishing style. The materials, which are top-notch and always suitable for outdoor use, must coordinate perfectly with the mood, tastes, and function of use decided by the client.
  3. The third phase involves the creation of some sketches, i.e., preliminary drawings that figuratively represent the furniture being designed. These give us the first concrete and visible idea of the expected result and represent a crucial tool to obtain initial feedback from the client.
  4. The final phase consists in the creation of renderings that show the furniture with greater clarity and likelihood, complete with details, realistic simulation of materials, and a hypothesis of placement in the destination environment.

At this point, only after receiving the final approval from the client, we will proceed with the technical design, the industrialization of the project, and the realization of the prototype, which leads to the subsequent production of the bespoke outdoor furniture.


Dolcefarniente sofas and tables


Bespoke projects for you: DFN customization services

Not all companies have the ability to create unique products, beyond the standards, using various types of materials and always creating different shapes. From this point of view, DFN can boast a team of top-quality craftsmen, very experienced in all types of furniture manufacturing.

But that of customized outdoor furniture is a matter that does not end only and exclusively in production.

As we saw not long ago, working at your best in this sector also means knowing how to provide a series of top-level services. Consultancy during the design and purchase is the most important of these services. Others complete the picture and define the higher-end companies in which the customer experience does not end with the purchase of the product but goes further.

DFN accompanies the client throughout the journey, from the first choices until after the purchase, including maintenance.

We would like to propose a single point of reference for all the elements that contribute to the creation of an outdoor project. This means not only the design and production of individual furniture but also the design of the entire outdoor space, including the fixed parts: pergolas, floors, greenery, and swimming pools. This is possible thanks to a strong network of relationships and experiences that we have acquired over time with the top players in each specific sector. Choosing DFN as the general contractor for your outdoor environment means having the advantage of working with a team of companies coordinated by a single entity that interfaces with the end client.

Our architects create bespoke outdoor spaces of great elegance and exclusivity, thus ensuring a coordinated concept in every detail and coherent furnishings.

In the simplest cases in which we deal only with the supply of furniture, whether customized or not, we also take care, upon request, of organizing transport to destinations worldwide and possibly assembly on-site with our staff.

If, on the other hand, the client prefers to have the furniture installed by trusted technicians, we provide complete assembly instructions for each piece, including the unique ones, also through ad hoc video tutorials.

Each product is accompanied by instructions for maintenance, cleaning, and storage. For example, we provide documentation on:

  • How to wash each specific material;
  • How to keep metal parts clean to minimize the risk of corrosion:
  • How to put covers on products to protect them from bad weather or when not in use.

In any case, our assistance service is always available for any request or doubt regarding the cleaning or conservation of the furnishings.

For those who prefer to leave the task of cleaning the outdoor furniture to us, we can take care of the entire service, from on-site collection to delivery and possible reinstallation.

Finally, all our products have a two-year warranty, which allows you to replace the furniture in the event of a fault or defect.


Chairs and tables


A unique partner for your bespoke outdoor furniture projects

Ultimately, those who rely on DFN for their bespoke outdoor furniture can count on complete assistance, from the initial stage, more creative and full of choices to make, up to the care of the pieces of furniture in the following years.

From single pieces of furniture to the study of the entire outdoor environment, our goal is to create a combination of materials, colors, fabrics, and coherent shapes, capable of bringing out the unique style of each client.

And we are able to achieve this result thanks to our ability to fully understand the needs of our interlocutors and to our long experience, manual and design, in the realization of outdoor furniture.


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Chiara Bastianelli

Written by Chiara Bastianelli

CEO and and Marketing Manager at DFN - Italian outdoor design company providing you with first-class, customized outdoor furniture and services.

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