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Top 7 benefits of a linear outdoor kitchen

May 1, 2020
Posted by Chiara Bastianelli on May 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Chiara Bastianelli
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Top 7 benefits of a linear outdoor kitchen

Cooking outdoors or enjoying a dish prepared outdoors just off the grill is difficult to give up once you are used to it. That is why outdoor kitchens are among the most sought-after options in luxury homes today.

When designing the outdoor kitchen area, one of the first choices concerns the layout. The main options are usually a U-shape, L-shape, or linear one. Each of these possibilities has its practical and aesthetic advantages, which must be carefully evaluated.

Before selecting a layout, we always recommend that you consider how the owner imagines their outdoor kitchen. You may want an elaborate area, equipped to organize large parties, or a reserved space, such as a kitchenette hidden in the garden.

The space available is also an element that must be carefully considered. Not all environments can easily accommodate a large U-shaped kitchen, while in other cases, it is necessary to deal with the size of the elements around it, for example, chairs, dining tables, umbrellas, etc.

When needed, is the indoor kitchen easily accessible? How can the position of the sun or the presence of lighting affect food preparation? Are tables and chairs for eating close at hand? Asking all these questions is necessary to understand the most suitable form of the outdoor kitchen.

If, after all these reasons, one is still undecided, the best choice is probably a linear outdoor kitchen. In fact, these types of kitchens have undoubted advantages, especially from the point of view of versatility. In this article, we have listed 7, in our opinion the most important.

  1. Flexible design
  2. Functionality
  3. Facilitation of interactions
  4. Practicality even in limited spaces
  5. Formation of a more open space
  6. Elegant style
  7. Versatility: it suits different creative solutions


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1. The linear outdoor kitchen has a flexible design

The linear kitchen is the simplest possible configuration for an outdoor kitchen. In particular, the linear kitchens by Samuele Mazza are suitable for many types of use, context, and available space, always maintaining a refined and luxury aesthetic.

It can be a small cooking area with a barbecue as well as a large kitchen made up of different modules, with a large number of outdoor accessories and appliances. It is the perfect solution to be integrated into previously unused corners of the garden or terrace, to turn them into kitchens or bar areas.

A linear outdoor kitchen can be installed along a wall, similar to an indoor kitchen, or it can be placed in the middle of the space. The kitchens produced and distributed by DFN are free-standing, usually resting on a deck. The front and back are taken care of in the same way, and the modules are accessible from both sides, allowing greater positioning possibilities compared to the classic wall support.

2. The linear outdoor kitchen is functional

The use of a linear outdoor kitchen is extremely functional because everything is within reach. In fact, the version leaning against the wall closely resembles the familiar indoor kitchens.

Many of the Samuele Mazza models provide for the presence of sliding covers or covers with a flap opening, which, in periods of inactivity, protect the kitchen worktop. When the cover is closed, the worktop that houses the appliances is hidden, and the kitchen looks like an elegant piece of furniture, similar to a console or sideboard.

Using a remote control or operating it manually, the cover can be lifted or slid back to use a well-equipped work surface with cooking and washing tools. When the kitchen is in use, on some models, the cover can even act as a support surface or as a snack counter.

The automatic opening mechanism can be seen in the video on this page.


Top 7 benefits of a linear outdoor kitchen 1


3. The linear outdoor kitchen facilitates interaction

Outdoor cooking is rewarding, but it is even more satisfying when you do it for other people. When guests are invited to dinner in your client’s garden or terrace, food preparation often takes place in their vicinity. Why not allow the chef to create a real cooking show in chic environments.

4. Linear outdoor kitchen: practical even in limited spaces

When the space available is limited, the linear outdoor kitchen is by far the most suitable solution. The compact layout groups all the tools into a single body, making it very practical to reach them all in a few movements.

The linear development of the kitchen inserted centrally or leaning against a wall, is ideal for small and large outdoor living spaces, because it allows you to work, move around in one area, from right to left, or simply turn around. Even small kitchens, in any case, can have the best appliances and services, from the refrigerator to the sink to various cooking devices.

The linear outdoor kitchen barbecue version by Samuele Mazza, for example, combines a practical and compact format with a refined design and excellent equipment. It is a free-standing kitchen equipped with a gas barbecue, but on request, it can be customized with the appliances chosen by the client.


Top 7 benefits of a linear outdoor kitchen 2


5. A linear outdoor kitchen does not close up the space

The formation of a linear kitchen is very different from that of U or L kitchens. It does not necessarily close up a space, reserving it for food preparation; on the contrary, it can eliminate the clear separation between the chef’s area, the service area, and the one intended for entertainment and conviviality.

Therefore, for those who prefer greater contamination between the outdoor areas and fewer borders, the linear layout is the most suitable, especially if positioned centrally with respect to the space. Furthermore, as we have already seen, this type of kitchen does not necessarily have to function as an independent kitchenette. Linear kitchens can be integrated with other layouts to create even more space.

From this point of view, by adding storage furniture, appliances, or worktops, the outdoor kitchen can take on a decidedly different aspect from the standard kitchen, more open, sophisticated, and customizable than any U or L structure.

6. The simple and elegant design of a linear outdoor kitchen

The linear layout also has advantages from the point of view of the external appearance. The simple layout means that the attention of the observers is more concentrated on the quality of the design and finishes.

An example is the Linear models by Samuele Mazza, a series of products with an undisputed personality. The linear shape of the kitchens harmonizes with the clean lines characterized by exposed bolts on the profiles that define the doors.

The range of colors available is extensive and includes both smooth and embossed finishes or with a metallic effect with a great impact.

The structure is made of treated iron, the same material used for the profiles of the doors. The ceramic marble top and the steel of the appliances complete the style, giving importance and, at the same time, protecting the kitchen from climatic agents.

7. A linear outdoor kitchen allows for greater creativity

The great practicality and versatility of a linear outdoor kitchen, which we have talked about so far, are characteristics that go hand in hand with another specific quality of this layout: the possibility of being easily inserted in the most creative designer projects.

The designer can indulge, creating combinations of furniture, inventing innovative arrangements, and experimenting with new forms. If the linear kitchen serves as a place to prepare food, the other elements of the project in which it is inserted can act as storage space, hosting utensils, or food.

Even if used alone, the same compactness of a linear solution favors a fun or unusual positioning within existing areas, for example, a kitchen by the pool or in the center of a lounge area.

In addition, DFN offers a kitchen customization service that can satisfy any outdoor project idea. All the products of the Samuele Mazza collection can be modified in size, integrating new modules and accessories. If this or the other numerous combinations provided in the catalogs are not enough, the DFN technical office can create customized kitchens from scratch.

The style, materials, and dimensions can be chosen by the client, who will always be supported by the advice of the DFN team of experts. It is an exclusive and tailor-made service, designed to meet the needs of an expert and attentive client in the best way possible.


Top 7 benefits of a linear outdoor kitchen 3


DFN, the best reference for a linear outdoor kitchen

In this article, we have summarized the main reasons for choosing a linear outdoor kitchen. Almost all of them have to do with versatility, both from a functional and purely aesthetic or design point of view.

When it comes to DFN kitchens, there is also one more motivation: the security of always investing in quality production, relying on an expert, prestigious and capable company to provide an excellent level of service.

If our reasonings have convinced you to design a linear outdoor kitchen,please contact us by writing to or calling 00 39 0721 1835821. We will be happy to provide you with everything you need to create a dream kitchen together.


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